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Team Doctors, Physicians Medical Technologies specializes in professional and personal therapeutic products, personal protective equipment (PPE) import and export. We import and export FDA cleared NK95/N95 respiratory masks, protective goggles, disposable protective full body suits, footwear covers, surgical caps, disposable gloves, and other products for the healthcare industry.

Team Doctors® and Physicians medical technologies is owned and operated by Dr James Stoxen DC., FSSEMM (hon) FWSSEM.

Dr Stoxen is an internationally known keynote speaker in the medical field invited to speak at over 200 medical conferences, #1 international best selling author, medical device inventor, and FDA agent and consultant, and member of the editorial board of over 20 international medical journals including the Archives of Infectious Diseases & Therapy Journal.

Dr Stoxen is in the trenches as a doctor and has lectured and consulted with over 50,000 doctors and healthcare workers around the world.

He knows the issues doctors, healthcare workers and patients face and provides the solutions to help them be their best while keeping them safe.

Dr. Stoxen knows personal protection equipment. He serves on the editorial board of the prestigious archives of infectious diseases and therapy journal.